"Everything is amazing, and nobody knows it!"
-- Koszka, 18 July 2004


I Am A Cat In A Person
the ongoing comic series about a person who is a cat in a person

Struck By Lightning! -- a never-published, unfinished minicomic from the mid-1990's..

The SketchBlog

and the following marginally interesting photo features:

Some night pictures from late December 2004, Xmastime

Colin's Lego Robot Army
Welcome to Colinville

Along the Ohio-Erie Canal Towpath Trail

PROBBLE!: a walk around Lakewood Ohio at 5:30 a.m. July 5 2004

Links to Other Places Department:

if you feel like listening to or buying some Ohio-based rust-belt sound-scrape music, you might want to go to the place called Coffee-Hut Records

you could also go look at and listen to my band, Iron Oxide

or go look at the far more interesting Decaying Industries website

or test your patience with my MySpace page

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A Lotta Weather We're Havin'!

12 oct 2005: added chapter 6 of I Am A Cat In A Person
1 sep 2005: added chapter 5 of Cat In A Person, the first new one in nearly a year and a half!
13 jun 2005: added Welcome to Colinville!"
18 may 2005: two new robots added to COLIN'S ROBOT ARMY page (toward the bottom of the page)!
1 mar 2005: new old comix, Struck By Lightning
-- also lots of new stuff has been going up recently over at the Coffee-Hut Records page..
-- and as if that weren't enough, two more drawings added to the trendily-titled SkETChblOG page..
30 dec 2004: added some nighttime photo pages, added a NEW ROBOT to Colin's Robot Army! page
16 oct 2004: added Colin's Robot Army! page
26 sep 2004: added Ohio-Erie Canal page
8 jul 2004: added blurb about Cool Noise Dadabomb Weekly zine.
5 jul 2004: added probble
15 mar 2004: added 'sketchblog' page
24 mar 2004: added content to Coffee-Hut Records page, the new Black Cabbage cd, PROTO-NEO-POST-WAVE-ROCK-CORE!
ALSO: added chapter 4 of I Am A Cat In A Person
5 mar 2004: added unfortunately unavoidable new banner ad
24 feb 2004: added explanatory comic strip at head of page..
8 feb 2004: added I Am A Cat In A Person chapter 3 and fixed front page, adding this 'updates' area.

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