Along the Ohio-Erie Canal Towpath Trail

on September 19th 2004 Kat & I went down to the entrance to the part of the Ohio-Erie Canal Towpath Trail in the Brecksville Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Here are some pictures of what it looked like.

Here is a big old stone bridge going over the canalway and the Cuyahoga River. I'm not sure what road this is going over the valley though. A lot of times on those roads you don't even realize you're driving over such an area.

Looking from a footbridge going over the canalway, looking back toward the old bridge. The canal hasn't been actually used for a really long time. I could probably look up more information about exactly when they stopped using it etc but right now I just want to get these pictures going.. It's kind of sad to me to see how the canal has fallen into disuse here after seeing how the canals are still used so much throughout England when we went there this past spring.. In fact, this stretch of the O.E. Canal is the longest stretch with water still in it.

Here's part of an old decaying spillway that ran alongside the canal at some point.. There was a sign describing exactly what it was supposed to do, but now I can't remember what it was..

Here's Kat in her wheelchair next to the canal. The towpath, which used to be used by the donkeys pulling the canal boats, is now an excellently-maintained walking/riding/biking path that was really easy to push the wheelchair on. We walked/rolled over a mile and back on the path without any trouble at all.

This is a panoramic shot featuring the canal (left), Kat on the towpath (center), and the Cuyahoga River (right).

These are some rusty old metal controls that at one time worked some big valves that let water in to the canal from the Cuyahoga when the canal needed some extra water. Or something like that.

This great old bridge was built by some builders from Massilon Ohio in 1881, although the little sign on top of it says "'82". You'd never know it though, because a few years ago they completely refurbished the whole thing, cleaning it up & painting it and making it look brand new. Which is really pretty antithetical to the whole Rust'n'Brique aesthetic, but at least they didn't put a brand new stupid bridge there.

Ok that's all. 26 sept 04